Ajax terminated his contract with the football player who had a heart attack in a match

The representatives of the Ajax Amsterdam football club decided to terminate the contract with footballer Abdelhak Nouri (23 years old), a player who remained with serious health problems after suffering a heart attack during a match. Nouri collapsed on the pitch during the preparation match played by Ajax Amsterdam against Werder Bremen in July 2017 in Austria.

According to Reuters, despite being given first aid directly on the ground and being transported by helicopter to the hospital, Nouri was extremely affected by the incident and was left with the aftermath. It was established that the footballer suffered a heart attack during the match. He suffered serious and permanent injuries to the brain, thus being forced to spend more than two years in the hospital.

Only recently has Nouri been installed in his house, in a room adapted to his needs. Ajax Amsterdam terminated its contract three months before the agreement expires, but said they would seek a solution for Nouri to be paid further. On the other hand, the relatives of Nouri have already sued the club and are expecting significant damage, after the representatives of the club would have acknowledged that adequate medical support was not available at the match.

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