Brazil has a rematch in front of Australia, but the Thursday match does not announce an easy one.¬†Thursday, June 13, at “Stade de la Mosson” hosts the match between Australia vs Brazil in the second round of the Women’s World Cup. The two teams are part of Group C.

Australia: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

Australia has left his favorite in his debut match at this World Cup edition. It did not confirm, as a result and lost with 1-2, in front of Italy. It was a game in which Kerr scored after the initial missed the 11 meter kick, but the ball returned to him. However, after the break he was greatly dominated, so he started with a failure. He occupies third place in Group C, so a failure in Brazil can send her home before the last round. On the other hand, Australians are concerned that the best four teams ranked third in the groups they belong to, they go further.

Brazil: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

Brazil was a national I liked most of all. With more seriousness on completion, I think he could close the Jamaica match to a record high. He was happy to win at the non-show, 3-0 then indicated the table. It was a match that Cristiane gave him by himself, all the gaps belonging to him. Moreover, Andressa will allow for a 11 meters kick in the first half. Thus, he was already on the 1st place in Group C, with 3 points, being the only team in the group who did not take the the debut stage.

Australia vs Brazil Picks

Over the last few years they have met several times, and peaked, every time Australia has set itself up. However, now is a tough game, because both will give what they have the best, so I expect a match with goals. As I said, Brazil has speeders, as well as Cristiane, a good free kick.

Our Prediction: Over 2.5

Odds: 1.67

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