There are a few days left until the Champions League matches to resume. We will first have the remaining four rounds to play, and then we will continue with the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final, all scheduled in Lisbon. The expectation of the fans is coming to an end, which is why in the following we will present you the list of the main favorites to win the Champions League, but also arguments for each one.

Bayern Munich – The German champions are in excellent shape and are looking to win their first Champions League trophy after a seven-year break. The Bavarians went clockwise in this edition of the Champions League, winning on the line with Tottenham, Olympiakos, and the Red Star Belgrade in the group stage. Also, in the first round of the eighth, Bayern beat Chelsea London 3-0 and we can say that it already qualifies for the quarterfinals in its pocket. In the next phase, Bayern Munich would face the winner between Napoli and FC Barcelona (1-1 in the round). Even so, the Bavarians are the main favorites to win the Champions League 2020. Indeed, if we look at Bayern’s squad, we can see that striker Robert Lewandowski is at the best moment of his career. And his form makes Bayern the favorite in all matches. The Pole has scored 51 goals this season for Bayern Munich and looks unstoppable in front of goal. But he is not the only argument Bayern have. Manuel Neuer is also in incredibly good shape and has once again become the class goalkeeper we all knew. Jerome Boateng is also like a rock, David Alaba is the man whose mistakes you count on the fingers of one hand, and Joshua Kimmich and Thiago Alcantara also impress. Also, Alphonso Davies continues to amaze, and Serge Gnabry is at the best moment of his career. It must be said that the atmosphere in the team is great. If in Niko Kovac’s term the German press often reported on the conflicts, things got worse after the team was taken over by Hans-Dieter Flick. Although not many gave him a chance, he managed to recover the team, and the best proof is the series of 17 victories in a row obtained by Bayern Munich.

Paris SG – The French champion is already qualified in the quarterfinals, where Atalanta will face the great revelation. The French have an odd of 4.75 to win the Champions League for the first time, but they are facing a big problem. As Ligue 1 has been canceled, PSG will not have any official match from March until August, when you will meet Atalanta. PSG resumed their friendly matches and beat Le Havre 9-0, but by no means can a training game have the intensity of an official.

However, PSG relies heavily on the pride of Neymar, who came to Paris to shine and win the Champions League trophy. Also, Mbappe’s rhythm breaks can bring joy to Paris at any time. And the fact that Thomas Tuchel’s team has so many options in the group is another argument for which PSG is seen as one of the favorites to win the Champions League.

Manchester City – Pep Guardiola’s side can take advantage of the impetus generated by the TAS decision, which decided that the exclusion from the Champions League, established by UEFA, was revoked. The “citizens” have lost their title in England for some time and have had enough time to think only of the sheik’s great dream: to win the Champions League.

Before getting there, City still must pass Real Madrid in the eighth. The score on the tour was 2-1 for City, so there were premises for a qualification in the quarterfinals, where they would face the winner between Lyon and Juventus. Also, Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, and Raheem Sterling are in an incredibly good moment and can decide any game.

The program of the eighth-finals

  • August 7, 22:00: Manchester City – Real Madrid (2-1 round)
  • August 7, 22:00: Juventus – Olympique Lyon (0-1 round)
  • August 8, 22:00: Bayern Munich – Chelsea (3-0 in the tour)
  • August 8, 22:00: FC Barcelona – Napoli (1-1 round)

Quarterfinals program

  • August 12, 22:00: Atalanta – PSG
  • August 13, 22:00: RB Leipzig – Atletico Madrid
  • August 14, 22:00: Naples / Barcelona – Chelsea / Bayern
  • August 15, 22:00 Real Madrid / Manchester City – Olympique Lyon / Juventus

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