Chindia Targoviste vs Dinamo Bucuresti will meet on 16.08.2019, in the 6th stage of League 1, at the “Ilie Oană” stadium in Ploieşti.

Chindia Târgoviște has become the “red lantern” of League 1

Chindia Târgoviște opened the match in the away game played at Voluntari with Academica Clinceni, through Andrei Burlacu (3), but as in the previous stage, when he led CFR Cluj, he lost and now with the score of 3 -1. The goals of the Ilfovians were scored by Jakub Vojtus (19), Bogdan Barbu (24) and Alexandru Buziuc (63). The team coached by Viorel Moldovan remained with only one point in the standings, won away, 2-2 with Gaz Metan Mediaş, being the last place. The Dambovitians lost, 0-1 at home with FC Viitorul and 0-1 away with the University of Craiova. There will be a home game in Ploiesti with Dinamo Bucharest, then the “red-blue” will play away with CSM Politehnica Iaşi.

Dinamo has 4 defeats in 5 stages

Dinamo Bucharest had a mediocre performance in the match played in Copou with CSM Politehnica Iaşi, being defeated with the score of 2-0, in the 5th stage of Liga 1. The goals of the Moldavians were scored by Nicandro Breeveld (22) and Ovidiu Horşia (32). Poli Iasi also had a bar, through Andrei Cristea (6). The team coached by Sebastian Moga is 13th in the standings, having 3p, won in the previous round, when he defeated at home 4-2 at the Clinceni Academy. In the first 3 stages, the “red dogs” had only defeats, 0-5 away with FC Viitorul, 0-2 at home with the Univ Craiova and 0-1 away with CFR Cluj. There will be an away game in Ploieşti with Chindia Târgoviște, after which the “white-reds” will meet at home on FC Hermannstadt.

Chindia Târgoviște vs Dinamo: Direct results (H2H)

So far, Chindia Târgoviște vs Dinamo Bucharest have met 4 times in Liga 1, the balance being of 1 victory of the “red-blue”, 1 equal result and 2 successes of the “white-reds”. The goal was favorable to the “red dogs”, 7 to 4.

All-time matches in Liga 1

  • 26.10.1996: Chindia Târgoviște vs Dinamo Bucuresti 1-1
  • 02.05.1997: Dinamo Bucuresti vs Chindia Târgoviște 2-1
  • 08/30/1997: Dinamo Bucharest vs Chindia Târgoviște 4-1
  • 03/07/1998: Chindia Târgoviște vs Dinamo Bucharest 1-0

Chindia Târgoviște vs Dinamo Bucuresti Picks

The weakest teams in League 1 will face each other after 5 stages. Chindia is the only team in Liga 1 that has not won any victories and is in the last place in the standings, with 1p. Dinamo lost 4 more matches in the first 5 stages of the 1965-1966 season, but the 5th round was a draw and was played in December. Coach Dušan Uhrin Jr. was brought in, and supporters are hoping that he will remove the team from the crisis. However, the Czech technician needs time to build a homogeneous lot, plus he will have only 2-3 good players available, the rest being filling. The Dambovian team has 4 consecutive defeats, but has played aggressively and ambitiously, while the “red dogs” have evolved mediocre in all defeats. Normally, the hosts have no way to lose with Dinamo, but it remains to be seen if the arrival of Uhrin Jr. will bring that shock among the Bucharest players, who had many matches in which they were unable to tie 2-3 passes. ..

Our Prediction: 1x

Odds: 1.67

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