Club Sport Emelec vs CA Huracan

Club Sport Emelec appeared normal in the new season, they only picked 2 wins so that they are now ranked 9th in the ECU standings D1. In the CON CLA event, Club Sport Emelec traveled to Deportivo Lara’s headquarters and finally returned home with a 0-0 draw, although the name of the team was bigger, Club Sport Emelec did not have an advantage over the field.

Moving on to the visitors, CA Huracan’s performance also declined, now they are in the middle of the Argentine League standings, the conditions are also normal lately. The last victory was in January, especially in the attack line, CA Huracan could only score 1 goal per game, while the goal also conceded one goal per game. In the first game at CON CLA, CA Huracan was defeated by Cruzeiro (MG) with 0-1, despite having 18 points on the pitch and shots, CA Huracan failed to create a goal.

Bookmaker gave the Club Sport Emelec handicap -0.5, apparently the handicap was somewhat lacking because of the home advantage, but the name CA Huracan is more familiar, while Emelec’s Club Sport appearance is also less satisfying this time, fortunately its ability is still rather good at home. , Club Sport Emelec might benefit the cage to earn points.

Prediction today: 1

Odds: 1.88

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