Dunărea Călăraşi vs FC Botoşani

Dunarea Calarasi vs FC  Botosani will meet on May 14, 2019, in the 10th stage of the Betano League (play-out), at the “Ion Comşa” Stadium in Călăraşi.

Dunarea Calarasi suffered the most dramatic defeat in League One

Dunarea Calarasi played poorly in Copou with CSM Politehnica Iasi, being defeated by 4-0 by CSM Politehnica Iasi, in the 9th stage of play-out of League 1 Betano. Moldovan goals were scored by Platini (39), João Teixeira (71), Ionut Cioinac (73) and Patrick Petre (90 + 2). In the 1-0 score for the hosts, the “Wallachians” had a bar through Gabriel Iancu in the 58th minute. For Danube Calarasi was the most drastic defeat since he promoted in League 1. The team trained by Dan Alexa descended again on the 7th place, which is relegable, being overtaken by FC Hermannstadt. The guys are 21p, the 22nd Sibiu, so the fight to avoid 7th place will be harder now, especially as FC Voluntari, a team that is currently saved, has 23p.

  • The probable team Dunărea Călăraşi (4-4-2): Straton – Gligorov, Dobrosavlevici, Luchin, G. Mendy – Ammari, G. Simion, Henderson, D. Benzar – G. Iancu, Souda

FC Botosani won 7p in the last 3 stages

FC Botoşani had a very good performance at home on the “Municipal” stadium with FC Voluntari, which he defeated with the score of 2-0 in the 9th stage of play-out of League 1 Betano. The “red-white-blue” goals were scored by Mihai Roman II (9) and Cătălin Golofca (45 + 2). They also had a bar through Mihai Roman II (66). Ilfovenii played in the 34th minute in ten people, Doru Popadiuc being eliminated. The team coached by Liviu Ciobotariu is undefeated by 3 stages, in which he has won 2 draws and a draw. Moldovans ranked third in the standings, but they have 29p, being 7p by FC Hermannstadt, a team that is at the barrage and at 8p by the Danube Calarasi, which is the first retrograde position. With a success in Călăraşi, the group in northern Moldova would eventually get rid of a possible relegation to the 7th place.

  • The probable team FC Botosani (3-4-3): Fraisl – G. Miron, Pitian, A. Burca – Patache, Rodriguez, Papa, L. Fülöp – Golofca, M. Roman II, Fabbrini

Dunărea Călăraşi vs FC Botoşani: direct results (H2H)

Until now, Dunarea Calarasi vs FC Botosani have met 3 times in League 1 Betano, the balance being 2 wins of the Carlsbad and a success of the Botosani.

Liga 1 All-Time Matches:
  • 15.09.2018: Dunarea Calarasi vs FC Botosani 3 – 2 (Stage 8)/They scored: 0-1 Jonathan Rodríguez (12), 1-1 Baudoin Kanda (29), 2-1 Alin Dobrosavlevici (37), 2-2 Jonathan Rodríguez (51), 3-2 Mediop Ndiaye
  • 20.12.2018: FC Botoşani vs Dunarea Calarasi 1 – 0 (Stage 21)/Marked: 1-0 Hervin Ongenda (36)
  • 01.04.2019: FC Botoşani vs Dunarea Calarasi 1 – 2 (Stage 3, play-out)/They scored: 1-0 Laurenţiu Buş (7), 1-1 Gabriel Iancu (33), 1-2Najib Amari (57)

Dunărea Calarasi vs FC Botosani Picks

On the tour, the “yellow-blue” won 2-1 on the “Botoşani” Municipal, bringing them in a delicate position. Meanwhile, the “red-white-blue” have come back, having 3 wins in the last 5 stages, while the horsemen have only been successful in the last 5 rounds. Danube Calarasi needs 3p air but has a problem, scored one goal in the last 5 stages. FC Botoşani wants the revenge after the tour failure, but he would probably be happy with a point. Taking into account the “Walachians” ranking and the fact that I do not score, I recommend betting “1X & under 3.5 goals” at a very good odds of 1.73. If he loses his home, Danube Calarasi has great chances to miss even the dam.

Our Prediction: 1x

Odds: 1.80

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