FC Botoşani vs FC Hermannstadt

FC Botoşani vs FC Hermannstadt will meet on April 13, 2019, in stage 5 of the Betano League (play-out), at the “Municipal” stadium in Botosani.

FC Botoşani is without a victory for almost two months

FC Botoşani played poorly in Mediaş in the 4th round of play-out of League 1 Betano and was defeated by Gaz Metan with the score of 2-0. Gunners’ goals were scored by Ionut Larie (13) and Darius Olaru (90 + 3). It was the third failure in the play-out, after 1-2 with FC Voluntari (Lóránd Fülöp 64 – Aissa Laïdouni 31, Alexandru Tudorie 89) and 1-2 home with the Danube Calarasi (Laurentiu Buş 7 – Gabriel Iancu 33 , Najib Amari 57). “Red-White-Blue” had a draw, 0-0 home with the last-ranked, Concordia Chiajna. The team coached by Liviu Ciobotariu has not won a match since February 17, 2019 and if he does not win the home match with FC Hermannstadt, he will seriously take the fight to avoid relegation.

  • Probable Team FC Botosani (4-2-3-1): Fraisl – Patache, G. Miron, A. Burca, Holzmann – Oaida, Rodríguez – Ongenda, Karaboué, Golofca – M. Roman II (L. Fülöp)
  • Coach: Liviu Ciobotariu
  • Injury: None
  • Suspend: does not exist
  • Reserves: E. Pap, Dumitras, Holzmann, Tarsa, Papa, L. Buş, L. Fülöp
  • You will miss: Pitian (was sent by Liviu Ciobotariu to the second team indefinitely for acts of indisplintion)

The following 3 matches: Dinamo Bucharest (away), CSM Politehnica Iasi (home) and Concordia Chiajna (away)

FC Hermannstadt won one match in 2019

FC Hermannstadt lost the match played in Pitesti with CSM Politehnica Iasi, with the score 1-0, in the 4th stage of play-out of League 1 Betano. The only goal of the match was scored by João Teixeira (56 penalty) after a fault of Cătălin Pârvulescu on Moussa Sanoh. The Sibenians have no play-off success, with a 2-2 away draw against Concordia Chiajna (Nicolás Gorobsov 16, Tha’er Bawab 18 – Tsoumou Juvhel 4, Filip Jazvić 12) and 3 failures, 0-1 home with Gaz Metan Mediaş (Ionuţ Larie 6, Mario Rondón 90 + 1 penalty), 0-2 away from Dinamo Bucharest (Mattia Montini 12, Linas Klimavičius 15) and the team from Iasi. The team coached by Vasile Miriuţă is still in the barrage and has only one victory in 2019, with CSM Poli Iasi, in the last stage of the regular season.

  • Probable team FC Hermannstadt (5-3-2): Crazy – Măţel, Dâlbea, Dandea, I. Stoica, Tătar – P. Petrescu, Offenbacher, Jazvić – Tsoumou, Blănaru
  • Coach: Vasile Miriuţă
  • Injured: Biel Company
  • Incert: Mijuskovic
  • Suspended: C. Pârvulescu, Dandea will return after 3 stages of suspension
  • He will return after an injury: Pedro Moreira
  • Reserves: Niga, Pamfile, Sg. Popovici, Serediuc, L. Dumitriu, Pedro Moreira, Lendrić

The following 3 matches: FC Voluntari (home), Danube Calarasi (away) and Gaz Metan Mediaş (away)

FC Botosani vs FC Hermannstadt: direct results (H2H)

Until now, FC Botoşani vs FC Hermannstadt have met twice in League 1 Betano, the balance being a victory of the Botosani, a result of equality and no success of the Sibiu. The golaver was favorable to Moldovans, 3 to 1.

All-Time Matches of League 1 Betano

  • 27.07.2018: FC Botoşani vs FC Hermannstadt 2 – 0 (Stage 2)/They scored: 1-0 Andrei Dumitraş (44), 2-0 Mihai Roman II (77)
  • 12.11.2018: FC Hermannstadt vs FC Botoşani 1 – 1 (Stage 15)/They scored: 0-1 Jonathan Rodríguez (63 penalty), 1-1 Daniel Tatar (77)

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.80

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