FC Hermannstadt vs Universitatea Cluj will meet on June 12, 2019, in the second round of the Liga 1 Betano relegation / promotion dam, at the “Municipal” stadium in Sibiu.

Hermannstadt defeated U Cluj with 2-0 on “Cluj Arena”

FC Hermannstadt kicked “Cluj Arena”, where he won 2-0 in front of Universitatea Cluj, in the first leg of the Liga 1 Betano dam. Sibiu played defensively, but to the end of the match they managed to score 2 goals, through Petrişor Petrescu (79), with a shot of about 25 meters after a counterattack and Juvhel Tsoumou (80), who taking advantage of a glimpse of Ionut Ursu. Coach Vasile Miriuţă is very close to fulfilling the goal of rescuing Hermannstadt from relegation, but seems to decide to leave Sibiu with an offer from the Hungarian team Kisvárda FC, where the Romanians Mihai Mincă, Cornel Ene, Gheorghe Grozav and Sergiu Negruţ. 2.60 is the share of the betting houses for a victory of the Cluj, while Hermannstadt has a 2.85 odds for a success in the tour of the dam.

  • Probable team FC Hermannstadt (4-2-3-1): Crazy – Măţel, Dandea, I. Stoica, Tătar – Dâlbea, L. Dumitriu – P. Petrescu, Lendrić, Sg. Popovici (Offenbacher) – Tsoumou

“U” Cluj has 10.00 on Betano to promote in League One

University of Cluj is about to miss the work of a whole season, because he lost in the first leg of the League 1 Betano dam, home, 0-2 in front of FC Hermannstadt. Though 25,664 spectators were in place for “Cluj Arena”, the home team’s fans had little defensive play, with only few opportunities to take possession. Towards the end of the game, the Siberians hit Petrişor Petrescu (79) and Juvhel Tsoumou (80), winning 2-0. “The red caps” still have little chance to promote in League One Betano, because it’s hard to believe they will win the Sibiu “Town” by 3-0 or 3-1 but will have to fight and try to lead the match in overtime. According to Betano, “black and white” have 10.00 to return and promote, while Hermannstadt has a 1.05 share that will not be in League Two.

  • Probable team University Cluj (4-2-3-1): Dur-Bozoanca – Al. Coman, I. Ursu, Cordos, Berci – Florescu, Giurgiu – Greu, Goga, D. Pârvulescu – Gavra

FC Hermannstadt vs Universitatea Cluj Picks

FC Hermannstadt have won 2-0 and will now try to save the advantage, especially because they have a defensive play style and play at home. U Cluj have no choice and will have to risk, because they have nothing to lose. It would be ideal for them to open the score as soon as possible because it would take courage and hope for promotion. The problem of the “red hats” is that although they want to cross Siamese, they do not have the force to make it between the League 1 and the League 2 teams, being a big difference in value, which was also seen on the Cluj Arena “. It will be a tense match.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.94

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