FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe will meet on 12.07.2019, in the first leg of League 1, at the “Anghel Iordănescu” stadium in Voluntari.

FC Voluntari managed to keep Cristiano Bergodi

FC Voluntari finished fourth in the play-out of the 2018-2019 season. Ilfov had a lot of emotions with the relegation in the regular season, but after the coach Cristiano Bergodi was brought, they started to get results and move away from the relegable places and the dam. Now a new season will begin, in which the Voluntari group will aim to maintain the first league.

  • Probable team FC Voluntari (4-4-2): Râmniceanu – Ricardinho, I. Balaur, Armaş, Al. Vlad – G. Deac, Gorobsov, Mihalcea, Popadiuc – I. Gheorghe, Belahmeur

Sepsi changed all the holders to the summer break

Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe wanted to qualify in the play-off, but after realizing this performance he was quite another team. Specifically, the “Szeklers” had 9 defeats and one draw in the 10 play-off stages.

  • Probable team Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe (4-3-3): Niczuly – Blauensteiner, Barišić, Mitrevski, Ilić – Flores, Jacob, Moussa – Mensah, Hamed, Carnat

FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe: Direct results (H2H)

Until now, FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe have met 6 times in the League One, with a record of 3 Ilfovs victories, 2 results of a tie and a success of the Fellowship.

Latest 5 direct results

  • 18.12.2017: FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe 3-0 (Stage 22)/They scored: 1-0 Petre Ivanovici (18), 2-0 Adrian Bălan (28), 3-0 Mihai Căpăţână (80)
  • 19.03.2018: Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe vs FC Voluntari 2-2 (Stage 2, play-out)/They scored: 0-1 Laurenţiu Marinescu (45 + 1 penalty), 1-1 István Fülöp (49 penalty), 2-1 István Fülöp (71 penalty), 2-2 Adrian Balan (90 + 2)
  • 12.05.2018: FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe 1-2 (Stage 9, play-out)/They scored: 0-1 Yasin Hamed (16), 0-2 István Fülöp (21), 1-2 Laurenţiu Marinescu (81, penalty)
  • 21.09.2018: Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe vs FC Voluntari 1-1 (Stage 9)/They scored: 0-1 Geoffrey Malfleury (28), 1-1 Ibrahima Tandia (90 + 6)
  • 03.02.2019: FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe 4-2 (Stage 22)/They scored: 1-0 Ricardinho (14), 1-1 Ibrahima Tandia (24), 2-1 Ionuţ Balaur (36), 3-1 Richard Gadze (62), 4-1 Alexandru Tudorie (78), 4-2 Yasin Hamed (90)

FC Voluntari vs Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe Picks

It will be the first match of this regular season of League 1 between two teams who will try to make a debut with a victory. Ilfovenii have a lower value for the Szeklers, but they have the advantage that the players know each other. Sepsi has changed many players in the summer break, a new coach has come, but the lot can not be homogeneous.

Our Prediction: Draw

Odds: 1.62

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