France has the opportunity to check the second victory in the group and automatically to qualify in the higher stages. Wednesday, June 12, on the Allianz Riviera, the duel between France vs Norway takes place in the second round of Group A.

France: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

Impressive debut for the host country of this World Cup. France defeated it 4-0 on the much more modest South Korean national team. He went on the same line he started since March, which is why six consecutive victories have been won. Leader in Group A, Corinne Diacre’s national team did not offer even one opportunity to send a dangerous shot to Sarah Bouhaddi’s goal.

Renard and Le Sommer played their best football, the first was the author of a “double”, while Eugenie gave a goal and stepped decisively.

Norway: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

The Nordic have not even left the show football. In their first game they had 3-0 by Nigeria, all the goals scored in the first half. Although he did not definitely dominate the match, he preferred to keep african national away from the gate defended by Ingrid Hjelmseth. This is the first very hard test he has to pass and he does not announce an easy game at all.

France vs Norway Picks

Norway has not defeated France for nearly 16 years. It is true that the generations have changed since then, so we can not make a comparison between what happened and what is now. However, as a game, France has shown better, taking advantage of playing at home, I expect to win the second round. It will not be as easy, but I tend to think she has the ability to score at least twice in front of Norway.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.32

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