Both teams started right in the first game, managing to defeat their opponents. It is a dead time for high-level football in the strong championships in Europe. However, in feminine football is celebrated, the 2019 World Cup takes place in France. On Wednesday, June 12, in Valenciennes, the “Stade du Hainaut” will be Germany vs Spain. It is a game of Group B 2nd leg.

Germany: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

The favorite of the bookmakers in the World Cup debut match of 2019, Germany had no trouble getting its first three points. He is 2 in Group B, 3 points, after he managed to beat China 1-0. It was a match he controlled from one end to the other, the proof is that one of the stitches sent to the Chinese gate. However, the only goal of the game came from young Giulia Gwinn, who is legally ranked 7th in the Bundesliga, Freiburg. Germany is also unbeaten in official matches or training for over a year. The last time he took the fight was in March 2018.

Spain: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

I had the opportunity to see the match between Spain and South Africa, the fight against the Iberians with 3-1. It left me with the impression that we see Ceahlaul – Gloria Bistrita, after South Africa managed 1-0 to break, because in the end Spain would win 3-1. That’s not what I was surprised about, because I offered a winning prediction for this duel, but the fact that the Iberians started to score in the last half hour. Two of the goals came from Jenifer Hermoso, both of the 11m kicks. It was good enough for Spain to get into the leaderboard of Group B with 3 points and +2 behind the goal.

Germany vs Spain Picks

Such a match in male football was a clear reason for celebrating football fans. Now it’s a qualifying match. The fact that both won their first World Cup match in France makes their victory take them 99.99% further in the higher stages. It’s hard to give a verdict, which one is better, but I’m inclined to think that Spain has a good chance, considering the game it showed in the first match, as well as the revenge force. As a result, I prefer a lower quota and I feel safer, that is, Spain to score at least one goal in the match.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.15

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