Kashima Antlers vs Vegalta Sendai

This week’s 8th Japanese League match Kashima Antlers will act as the host to host Vegalta Sendai at Kashima Soccer Stadium. This game is indeed quite interesting when considering their meeting last season, Kashima Antlers at that time playing at home like this was humiliated by Vegalta Sendai with a score of 1-2 but in the second round it was Kashima Antlers who won with 3 goals without reply.

But in the last game both from Kashima Antlers and Vegalta Sendai they both lost the last game, Kashima Antlers was surprisingly uprooted from FC Tokyo 3-1. Even though Kashima Antlers is more favored to win, especially in the previous 8 matches they have never been defeated. You could say the condition of the host has not been down and still has the potential to rise easily.

For Vegalta Sendai they in the last game lost to Oita Trinita 2-0, as well as a disappointing host because of Vegalta Sendai in the previous 2 matches defeating Sagan Tosu and Kashiwa Reysol. But in the Vegaltas Sendai standings, they are in the bottom of the standings to be ranked 17th, instead Kashima Antlers is in a better position, which is 6 standings.

It has only been running for 7 weeks but Kashima Antlers has placed their 2 players in the ranks of the temporary top scorer S. Ito and Léo Silva. For the chance of victory, it seems natural to be pinned to Kashima Antlers, although in the last game it fell but the home advantage and also a better record before FC Tokyo became a big consideration. The possibility of Vegalta Sendai being defeated.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.80

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