0-0 was the score on the tour, when Legia was even dominated by some chapters. Thursday, July 18, 2019, in Warsaw, “Wojska Polskiego”, Legia receives the match of Europa FC in the second match of the first preliminary round of the Europa League. It goes from 0-0, the score registered in the last week’s match.

Legia Warsaw: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

The former champion of Poland was on the lips of all bettors a week ago and no good things were said about her. Legia Var┼čovia barely yielded an equal result, as it was the favorite argument. On the other hand, the Polish band has suffered in recent years, and a season was also eliminated by a team that at first glance did not give it great chances. The important thing is that he eventually won. Moreover, he allowed a good friend at the end of last week, winning 5-0 in front of Ramodiak Radom amateurs.

Europa FC: Form of the moment, latest results, statistics

After he managed to resist the heroic tournament, Europa FC has a very good chance. Although the figures a week ago were promising, with even more opportunities for the opponent to go, but with the second chance. It’s hard to represent Gibraltar and claim to leave with the first chance in front of a very good championship. This has been seen almost every time that she has put her head in European Cups. Always an outsider and always was the team that took good luck when he played in front of any of the more popular teams.

Legia vs Europa FC Picks

I did not watch the tournament match, but I have to admit that the figures show a balanced match. Still, Legia remains a favorite no matter what happens, and I expect the Thursday game to be an exercise with the public. Under these circumstances, I would go on a slightly risky prognosis, but ultimately defining the difference between the two teams.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.53

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