Lionel Messi made the announcement at the time. “Barcelona reduces wages by 70%”

Problems for Lionel Messi and the other stars of Barcelona. The club has decided to drastically reduce spending during the pandemic, and the players’ budget will suffer the most. The Catalan golfer revealed, in a statement posted on instagram, that he will still receive only 30% of the amount stipulated in the contract.

Barcelona players, with salaries cut due to Covid-19

Lionel Messi wanted to clarify that he and the other players of the La Liga leader agreed to help the club.

“We have always agreed to have low salaries, because we understand that this is an exceptional situation. We have always helped the club when asked. We have done this on other occasions, on our own initiative, when we felt it was necessary. In fact, if this decision came with a delay of several days, it happened because we wanted to find the ideal formula to help the club and the other employees in these difficult times. It is time to announce that our salary has been reduced with 70% during the state of crisis “, announced in the statement of Messi.

The Argentine star is the highest paid player in the world. Until he made that decision, Barcelona offered Messi a monthly salary of about 8.3 million euros. The Golden Ball holder is the top scorer in La Liga – he has scored 19 times in 22 matches this season.

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