Paderborn – With one step in the 2nd league

Steffen Baumgart managed to promote with Paderborn in the Bundesliga after an extremely difficult period, in which he also played in the 3rd league. The season did not start out well, and now he is in a difficult situation. In the 21 stages he collected only 16 points and is in the last place in the championship. The chances of survival are quite small, considering defensive. So far he has received two goals per game on average, which is a lot, even for the Bundesliga. However, in the last period he obtained some extremely big victories. On its own ground with Frankfurt and away to Freiburg. The previous stage had an extremely difficult match at Schalke 04, where he returned with a point, although he was led by 1-0. On his own land has no good developments at all. So far, he has won only two games and has drawn only once. The team’s scorer is Treli Mamba with five successes, although the demands from him were much higher.

Hertha Berlin – Unexpectedly weak season

After leaving Pal Dardai, the team is in free fall. The season started with Ante Covic on the bench, who was dismissed after only 14 stages, in which he obtained four victories. His replacement was Jurgen Klinsmann, and everyone was in ecstasy. However, the results obtained by him were not at all convincing, and three days ago he was dismissed. Alexander Nouri was chosen to lead the team until the end of the season, and now it remains to be seen what he can do. He last coached Ingolstadt, where he lasted only two months. A few days ago, Hertha received a visit from Mainz, a counter-candidate to avoid relegation. Surprisingly, he lost 3-1. Krzysztof Piatek still needs accommodation, in the championship he still has no success, but in the cup he scored against Schalke. Until his arrival, Dodi Lukabakio was the top scorer with five successes.

Paderborn vs Hertha Berlin: Direct Results (H2H)

  • 09/21/2019 Hertha Belin vs Paderborn 2-1
  • 05.04.2015 Hertha Belin vs Paderborn 2-0
  • 02.11.2014 Paderborn vs Hertha Belin 3-1

Paderborn vs Hertha Belin Picks

In the tour match, Hertha prevailed on its own ground with 2-1. Now I expect a more balanced match. Neither team can afford to lose points. Overall, Berlin has a more valuable lot and I don’t think it will lose.

Our Prediction: 2

Odds: 1.87

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