The Brazilian Ronaldinho, who will participate Wednesday in the match for peace in Rome.

Returns to Italy, a country where he enjoyed playing football, and it does to serve a noble cause …
Back here and see the Italians, who love me very much, it’s great, especially if we do to help people who have suffered a lot. In addition, I’ll play with old friends and champions like Maradona.

And if there is a fault in the edge of the area, who spear, did you or Diego?
What decides it! (Laughs). I just want to enjoy a moment that will be unique, be nice to play with him. Maradona and Pele are great in football history and I just look at them.

It will also be Totti, who is 40 and still at a high level …
Each has his life, I’m happy to see him play yet as he does, and I’m happy to live exactly as I lived.

How it looks with 40 years? She is posed pursue coaching?
I do not see it, I want to keep playing. What training is not for me, I do not like.

Ronaldinho-Messi-Eto’o or Messi-Neymar-Suarez … What is for you the best offensive trident?
Both conquered huge things, they made fun people and achieved important titles. I’ll take two.

Still watching the matches of the Spanish League?
Yes, but I do not like to see the 90 minutes. I only see the goals and the best plays, and I love them.

Do you like the Barcelona of Luis Enrique?
A lot, he is one of the best coaches in the world today, and has the best players. It is not easy to get everyone to get along and make everything work as he does. It has much merit and there are the titles he has won with Barcelona.

Pique has reported that wants to withdraw from international football after the World Cup, what do you think of it?
You have to respect their opinion. We have not played together, but whenever I was with him noticed it was a very friendly and nice person. He has made history in Barcelona and also in Spain, has your thinking and you just have to respect him.

Are you happy that Messi, however, has returned to the Argentina team?
What makes me happy is to see him happy. If you take your decision and is, for me too, because I am his friend.

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