Russia is the true favorite! The Russians are very close to a new final tournament!

Russia: Team information, moment form

Working in Group I is very simple. Belgium and Russia are dominating, both with 15 points accumulated. The two are followed by Kazakhstan and Cyprus, with 7 points, while the Scots can “boast” with only 6 points. In these circumstances, it is hard to believe that the first two teams will not qualify for the final tournament in 2020. Russia was also present at the 2018 World Championship, from the position of host country. And they did not laugh at all, reaching the quarters and eliminating Spain in the finals.

The goalkeeping of the hosts looks great in this qualifying campaign. The Russians have registered 18 times in 6 matches and have only scored 4 goals. A. Dzyuba is the team’s scorer, with 6 goals scored.

Scotland: Team information, moment form

Scotland can no longer think of qualification, especially after the latest results. They have 3 consecutive defeats suffered and thus they were decisively removed from the first 2 positions. In a row, the guests lost categorically with Belgium (score 0-3), Russia (score 1-2) and Belgium (score 0-4). Only 5 goals scored Scotland in this qualifying campaign and I do not think the team has the necessary ability to score in Russia.

Three times the two nationals have met in an official match so far. In 1994 and 1995 the two teams drew, while in the September duel, the Russians won 2-1` away.

Russia vs Scotland Picks

Russia has reasons to celebrate this evening. They can ensure their qualification and I expect to force victory, to delight their supporters. Scotland will play without a stake and is aware that the qualifying equation has already been decided. In these circumstances, the victory of the hosts seems a certainty.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.60

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