Sepsi vs Astra

There were two games between these two teams in the current season and each time there were few corner kicks. In the match at Sfantu Gheorghe there were only 3 corner kicks. There were 5 in Giurgiu. And in the last match played by Sepsi home with Viitorul, there were only 4 corners. In the penultimate, with Craiova, there were 7. Of these, 5 were taken out of Craiova, a more offensive team. In the last 6 championship games played by Sepsi, there were 5 games with no more than 9 corners. The exception was Bucharest, FCSB, where the hosts are very offensive. In all 5 Astra tours this year in League 1 there were at most 9 corners. The two teams are the weakest in the play-off. Astra has lost all four games played so far, Sepsi has 3 defeats and a draw. The attack of the two bands has been modest so far in the play-off.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 2.63

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