A show awaits us in Istanbul. The Turks march in Group H!

Turkey: Team information, moment form

The Turks are part of an excellent qualification campaign and seem poised to move to EURO 2020. They are in first place, on a par with France and 3 points above Iceland. Only one defeat has today’s hosts in these qualifiers, after a 2-1 in Iceland. In the rest, the team managed to win 5 duels, including a categorical 2-0 with France. In the last stage, the Turks passed Moldova on the move, with a 4-0 without emotion. Cenk Tosun is the team’s best player in the preliminaries, with 4 goals scored and a decisive pass offered.

Albania: Team information, moment form

Although many people exclude them from the fight for qualification, well I think the Albanians still have real chances in the first 2 places. They have 9 points and are 6 points away from France and Turkey. However, in order for the guests to hope, they must win in Turkey … but to how many surprises I have seen so far, nothing is impossible. The previous stage, Albania had an excellent performance on their own land, in front of Iceland. They defeated the Nordics with a spectacular 4-2, which still gives them hope for EURO 2020.

Turkey vs Albania Picks

Turkey vs Albania is a pride match in the first place. The atmosphere in the stands will surely be pressing and the Turks will start as favorites. However, Albania is capable of surprises, which is proven in the duel with Icelanders. They are aware of the fact that they must attack and in this way they will leave space on the defensive. Turkey has the second offensive after France, in this group, with 14 goals scored in 6 stages. Under these conditions, the goals should appear, maybe even from the first 45 minutes.

Our Prediction: Over 1.5

Odds: 1.42

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