Match Analysis

Yesterday’s match Vasco da Gama balanced Flamengo with a score of 1-1. Now Vasco da Gama not only keeps an unbeaten record, but also always scores in 12 consecutive matches. This reflects Vasco da Gama’s condition is very good, the attack lines are also very fierce.
While the Avai FC swallowed the score 0-1 at the SC Hercilio Luz SC headquarters, the trend of victory was stopped. This makes his spirit affected. In addition, the away performance of Avai FC is just ordinary.

Handicap analysis

Recently Vasco da Gama has maintained an unbeatable record, conditions are good. In head to head, Vasco da Gama was in the upper hand. Then the player has psychological superiority. Then maybe Vasco da Gama will defeat his opponent easily.

Prediction today: 1

Odds: 1.73

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