Vitesse vs Feyenoord

Vitesse has to do without trainer Slutsky since last Saturday. The way in which that became known is remarkable, but it also had something chic. Immediately after the disappointing defeat, the Russian first entered the locker room to announce his departure to his players to walk straight to the press to inform the Netherlands.

This went without mud throwing or negativity. Slutsky thanked everyone for the good time in the Netherlands, smiled once, shook hands and boarded the bus. First to Arnhem and then disappear into the night. Feyenoord trainer Dick Advocaat must have seen the footage. And what would he have felt about it? Not that the trainer is also thinking of leaving, since he has just started, but during his long career Lawyer will not have seen something like that often.

What is also relatively new is the way Feyenoord desperately had to fight for the points against PEC Zwolle in-house. Goalkeeper Nick Marsman had the evening of his life and was of great value to his team. Because of this victory, Feyenoord Utrecht is past on the ranking list and it (at least on paper) takes part again.

We have seen both Vitesse vs Feyenoord better than now. We think that both teams will end up with a mutual battle in Arnhem.

Our Prediction: Both Teams Score

Odds: 1.44

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