Wimbledon tennis tournament, canceled for the first time after World War II

The organizers of the Wimbledon tennis tournament announced Wednesday that this year’s edition of the Grand Slam should be canceled between June 29 and July 12. The decision comes as a confirmation of the announcement of the cancellation of the entire season of grass tennis. According to the BBC, it is for the first time after World War II that the Wimbledon tournament is canceled. The tournament was canceled in 1940-1945, due to the global conflagration, and in 1915-1918, when it was not played because of the First World War. Now, the tournament has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the earliest tennis matches starting on July 13.

Ian Hewitt, president of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, said that “it was a difficult decision, but we had to think about the health of everyone involved, namely organizers, players and spectators.”

The cancellation of this year’s Wimbledon tournament comes after the Roland Garros tournament, due to take place in the spring, has been postponed to September 20 – October 4. It’s just one of many hits from the sports coronavirus pandemic. The European Football Championship and the Summer Olympics were also postponed to next year.

Simona Halep is directly concerned about the cancellation of the Wimbledon tournament. Being an en-titled champion, our athlete loses 2,000 points in the WTA standings, so that in the summer, he would register a massive drop in the WTA standings.

The UK has so far reported 47,800 infections and 4,900 coronavirus deaths.

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